Workers’ Memorial Day is April 28

From the Occupational Safety and Health Administration

Workers’ Memorial Day is observed every year on April 28. It is a day to honor those workers who have died on the job, were injured or made ill. We acknowledge the grievous suffering experienced by families and communities, and to recommit ourselves to the fight for safe and healthful workplaces for all workers. It is also the day OSHA was established in 1971.

In light of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic we encourage organizations, communities, and individuals to practice physical distancing and consider holding or supporting a virtual event, or simply pause on April 28 for a moment of silence.

We have many unsung heroes that are working through this crisis. Our healthcare and EMS personnel are knowingly working with patients in desperate need of care. The supply chain network is keeping the products produced and processed on retail shelves. Our basic needs are being maintained by water and sanitation services, electrical and communication systems are taxed, and skilled technicians keep our facilities, vehicles and equipment running. The list goes on of what is an essential worker and how it impacts our daily lives.

Although every news article and “safety talk” is about COVID-19, we need to remain focused on the safety and health hazards that existed in our world prior to COVID-19. There is a need to assess the workplace for additional hazards that COVID-19 precautions creates with social distancing, unfamiliar job assignments, fatigue, and stress.

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