The share of women in construction at an all-time high

Image of woman walking on the jobsite.

More women are learning that a career in construction offers unique benefits and opportunities. And the numbers show this: According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the share of women in construction is currently the highest on record.

Why are more women pursuing a career in construction? One, construction pays well for everyone, regardless of gender. Average hourly earnings in construction are nearly $3 higher per hour than all other private industries, and those earnings are up 5% year over year.

Two, construction offers advancement and career mobility. From executives and project managers to building inspectors, business developers, engineers, equipment operators, craft professionals and marketing, the opportunities in construction are endless.

Three, a career in construction is fulfilling. Construction workers find purpose in building America, from megaprojects and manufacturing plants to airports and hospitals.

A recent report based on the BLS American Time Use Survey found that construction was among the leading sectors where workers reported the highest levels of satisfaction, compared to other industries.

Construction employs nearly eight million women in the U.S. and plays a vital role in providing fulfilling, advancing and financially rewarding career opportunities for women. Women are taking on more roles in the field and more women are becoming skilled craft workers. This year, two women competed in the ABC of Wisconsin Apprenticeship Skill Competition and one took place in carpentry and will be competing nationally in Orlando this month.

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