Merit Shop Contractor Launches July 2015!

merit shop contractor sample coverNew Magazine to Replace Merit Shop Talk Newsletter

As the first step in a revised communications plan, you will receive the inaugural issue of Merit Shop Contractor magazine in July of 2015. This full-color, bi-monthly, publication will provide you with updated content and information about our industry and your association. Each themed issue will bring you more information on topics important to merit shop contractors along with new ideas and important industry news in an exciting new format.

Would you like to advertise in Merit Shop Contractor?

This new publication is part of a larger effort to improve the way we communicate with our members. In addition to the magazine, the plan includes shifting the current Merit Shop Talk print newsletter to a biweekly electronic newsletter, and a separate e-mail dedicated to training opportunities and association events. We will also be increasing our presence on social media, so I encourage you to follow us on Linked-In, Facebook and Twitter.

Our goal is to not only improve our content, but streamline the way we deliver it, to maximize the value to you. Watch for more details about our improved communications plan in next month’s final print edition of Merit Shop Talk.

Editorial Calendar 2015
July – Human Relations
September – Risk Management
November – Construction Safety

Editorial Calendar 2016
January – Careers in Construction
March – ABC/Merit Shop
May – Legislative/Legal
July – Economics
September – Risk Management
December – Safety

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