Making It Easier

Being a construction contractor is a challenging job. Keeping up with rules and regulations, staying on top of new techniques, making sure your employees are all going home at the end of the day and so much more. Now you are probably wondering what just got easier. Easier to do work? Easier to be successful? Easier to find work? How about all of these!

ABC of Wisconsin has devoted a lot of time and energy to making things easier for you. We started the Bid Notification System, where our GC’s post their projects so that our subcontractors can determine if they can bid the job. It is getting off to a very strong start, with more GC’s coming on board every day! We have created the Merit Shop Scorecard for our members to use. By filling out this simple self-survey our members can determine how they are doing as a company. And where they might use some improvement, which ABC of Wisconsin can help you improve or at least steer you in the right direction. ABC is also developing the Business Growth Essentials Series, a tool to help you grow your business and be more successful.

These and other services like the First Free Call Service, where you can talk to an attorney on our dime, not yours, are just some of the opportunities that await our valued members.

In February we will be bringing our members the Winter Convention. We have made that easier too! Don’t want the extra cost of staying overnight? This year the entire Winter Convention has been packaged into a single day. And at a very low cost too!

Want to make sure your employees are working as safely as they can? Send them to the Workers Safety Conference. A whole day of highly valued safety seminars, and at a cost that everybody can afford.

ABC of Wisconsin exists for it’s members. Every minute is devoted to how we can provide our members with new tools, or sharpen their skills with the tools they have. Make sure you are taking advantage of your membership. And for those of you that are not members, give us a shout, we can tell you how to become a member and become a better contractor, the merit shop way.

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