How Satisfied Are Your Employees and Does It Matter?

A large body of research shows a strong link between employee satisfaction (aka: employee engagement) and business performance.  Yet, a large number of businesses do not really know the truth about how their employees feel about working for them.  Are they fully engaged and productive?  Do they represent your business well to their family, friends, and neighbors?

Or, are they clocking in and out and doing the least amount of work possible to not get fired? Are they cutting corners, posing safety risks, and bad mouthing you to family friends and neighbors?  Your employees are the face of the business and how well they feel they are treated is directly connected to how well they treat your customers.

Finding out the truth about how employees feel about their jobs and their workplaces can be really scary, which is why so many managers tend to deny that their direct reports are anything other than 100% satisfied.  Another common avoidance tactic is for managers to blame the employees, rather than themselves, for any indications of less-than-blissful states of employment.  A sign of a good manager; however, is a willingness to find out the truth about  team morale and to actively seek out that truth, on a regular basis. Read more

If you have experienced the disappointment of having a valued employee leave for a competitor you know how bad it feels. Sometimes you might stop this from happening just by being more in tune with your employees. You will find the rest of this article in our Members Only Human Resources page. Not a member? Just send us a message here and we will get in contact with you ASAP!

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