Gold Award
General Contractor

Projects of Distinction


WI English Second Language Institute Remodel


Friede & Associates


Madison, WI




Interior Logic; GMK Architecture Inc.

About the Project

Consolidating a private language school from multiple floors in three adjacent buildings on the Capitol square into two floors of two of those buildings required not only patience and hard work, but also creativity and a sense of history. For Friede & Associates, the Wisconsin Second Language Institute Remodel project meant tearing apart 150-year-old buildings that had been renovated numerous times before and matching floor heights in two buildings that had not been designed with common elevations, as well as creating new openings between the buildings through masonry walls that hadn’t been exposed to the environment for decades. Extensive planning was needed for removal of 60 tons of old materials, some carried out with buckets and wheel borrows, and for receiving major building components to complete the project. In the end, Friede created a space that was true to the historic nature of the structure.

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