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General Contractor

Projects of Distinction


Walnut Street Flats


Friede & Associates


Reedsburg, WI


Construction Technologies/Cohen Esrey


ASK Studio

About the Project

Working on a two-building WHEDA housing project with a new client and architect who were both located out of state and had just begun working together proved nearly as challenging for Friede & Associates as the tight half-block site that would be redeveloped during construction of Walnut Street Flats. Another challenge was near record rainfall in Reedsburg that summer, followed by a Halloween snowstorm. Ultimately, the team put together a project with several unique features, including dark bronze vinyl windows, a third-floor rooftop patio and community space and an overall design that joins the two separate buildings on the main floor into one complete building on the second floor. This complex brought much needed workforce housing to the heart of Reedsburg, located just one block from Main Street.

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