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General Contractor

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Stein’s Garden & Home


Keller, Inc.


Kimberly, WI


Stein’s Garden & Home


Keller, Inc.

About the Project

From the beginning of the Stein’s Garden & Home project, Keller, Inc. took an innovative discovery approach to design what the client wanted and maintain quality control before the build. The project schedule was compressed, as the first idea was to purchase an existing building. When that didn’t work out, the decision was made to build new. Keller jumped in and actually found a new site in Kimberly to handle all of the requirements of the store building and the outside garden-related products. Keller was able to move quickly on the design of the new site and still get Stein?s Garden & Home open on time and with zero injuries. The building needed to be constructed through winter. It’s a pre-engineered metal building with ground-up insulated panels and a combination rubber and steel roof. It also has unique skylights and creatively-designed steel purgolas, along with an indoor greenhouse.

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