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Waunakee, WI


RG Heating & Air Conditioning


Mente Engineering

About the Project

Friede & Associates worked with RG Heating in Waunakee on a 210-foot by 70-foot metal building to serve as the heating contractor’s new facility. Friede faced early challenges when it was learned the proposed two-toned exterior was no longer acceptable in that part of the village, so the first of many adjustments were made. The dimensions on building elevations and the foundation plan did not match, so the cutouts for the overhead doors on both sides were not directly across from one another as planned. The floor drains, which were to be installed in the middle of each door, had to be reworked. Friede found out it could not attach thin brick panels to the insulated metal wall panels as told by the supplier, which resulted in the reengineering of all the brick areas. Despite an early soil test showing otherwise, extensive soil replacement was necessary late in the project and a freak Halloween snow storm wiped out the planned final asphalt paving in early November. Recycled asphalt was used so the client could access the building.

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