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General Contractor

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Redstone Ridge


Friede & Associates


Lake Redstone, WI


Mark Redman


Holzhauer Partners

About the Project

Friede & Associates constructed a new $910,000 summer home that was built on a lovely, wooded property overlooking Lake Redstone in the Town of La Valle. Mark Redman, the owner, purchased an aging and neglected home that is located next to his sister and brother-in-law’s home. After first exploring the possibility of renovating the home, he ultimately decided to tear it down and build new. However, because of the former home’s location on the edge of granite cliff, he also chose to reuse the existing foundation and three walls, allowing him to maintain both the views and not deal with any lake front setback rules that had been passed since the original house was built decades ago. The new home’s interior features dramatic ceilings that are higher than what was found in the previous home. The main room’s ceiling is 13.5 feet high, with a fireplace that matches that height. The basement’s foundations were also raised to allow the new ceilings to be increased to eight feet. The Friede team also poured new floor slabs to allow for new under slab utilities to be installed.

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