Gold Award
Mechanical, Specialty Contractor

Projects of Distinction


Promega CMC


North American Mechanical, Inc.


Fitchburg, WI


Promega Corporation


Flad Architects

About the Project

NAMI was integral to Promega’s 160,000-square-foot Component Manufacturing Center (CMC), which adds to its existing manufacturing capacities and adds office space, a fitness center and kitchen amenities. NAMI was the lead coordinator for CAD/BIM modeling services, which were used extensively on this project. In order to install the very large air handling units into the second floor mechanical room, NAMI hired and worked with a heavy equipment moving company. Unable to set the units as one piece, NAMI divided the units into sections and moved them into the building piece by piece through a louver section that was left out specifically for this purpose. Without having the proper access to insulate the duct after being hung, the NAMI construction and insulation team coordinated to preinsulate the ductwork before it was hung. NAMI ensured quality by focusing on prefabrication opportunities.

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