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Phoenix Industrial Spec Building


Corporate Contractors, Inc. (CCI)


Beloit, WI


Phoenix Investors


Zimmerman Architecture

About the Project

By embracing flexibility, fostering collaboration, prioritizing safety, and paying close attention to every detail, Corporate Contractors, Inc. (CCI) successfully completed the design and construction of a cutting-edge 500,000-square-foot industrial building on a 56.2-acre site in just twelve months for Phoenix Investors. Despite facing numerous challenges including varying elevations, complex soil conditions, and a tight deadline, CCI and the skilled build-team successfully overcame every obstacle. CCI was involved from the start, participating in property selection and city negotiations. They also managed all design aspects to accommodate an unconventional workflow, leading numerous meetings to ensure the early start of site work, procurement of long-lead items, and consistent updates for the build-team. Once construction began, the team tackled site challenges, including a 36-foot grade elevation difference, deep clay layers and limestone. A schedule-saving plan was devised that utilized a combination of stone columns, aggregate piers, settling plates, wick drains, and blasting to effectively dry the soil and repurpose the blasted limestone in other areas of the site. This state-of-the-art industrial facility showcases a precast concrete exterior with structural steel columns, joists, and deck, with a TPO roofing system. Inside, there are 8-inch concrete floors, 32-foot height clearances, and 52 loading docks.

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