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Moto Deluxe Properties, LLC – Gilby’s Street Dept. Facility


Ross & Associates, LTD.


Hudson, WI


Moto Deluxe Properties


Midwest Manufacturing

About the Project

Moto Deluxe needed a new facility to accommodate its growing business. After identifying a location and making a preliminary decision on building plans, Moto Deluxe planned to serve as its own construction manager. Very quickly, they learned doing so was beyond their capabilities, so they reached out to Ross & Associates who took over as the construction manager. The building is an approximate 10,000-square-foot structure, which houses Moto’s custom painting and motorcycle manufacturing. The space accommodates an office, very large paint booth, and other manufacturing, painting, and storage space. The building’s floor and walls around the paint booth are specially designed to accommodate the booth’s load needs on the building structure and air flow requirements. Many unique hurdles were faced and overcome, including the need to begin work prior to the owner’s purchase of the property and dealing with lenders. Due to excellent planning and execution, there were no safety incidents during construction. The building was delivered on time and within budget to very satisfied owners.

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