Silver Award
Mechanical, Specialty Contractor

Projects of Distinction


Low Daily Brewery


H. J. Faust, Inc.


Burlington, WI


Low Daily


Perspective Design

About the Project

The goal of this project was to bring the dilapidated building, which once housed a railroad station and the Burlington Standard-Press newspaper, into a modern and collaborative space to enjoy a craft beer. The age of the building presented many challenges. H. J. Faust repurposed two existing rooftop units at the Low Daily craft brewery in Burlington by installing all new duct systems for the tap room and installing two commercial split systems and ventilation to heat/cool the second floor office space. For the second floor office space, H.J. Faust had to figure out how to heat and cool the space due to diverting the two rooftop units. The separate brewing area section of the building also presented challenges, as it didn’t have its own heating source, so the contractor added ventilation and heat. A new, specialized boiler in a warehouse adjacent to the brewery required unique, special stainless venting, which was installed in collaboration with the plumbing team.

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