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Klondike Cheese – Feta Cheese Line Expansion/Upgrade


PDC Electrical


Monroe, WI


Klondike Cheese Company


PDC Electrical Contractors

About the Project

PDC Electrical Contractors provided electrical design, engineering and installation services for the renovation of the Klondike Cheese Company in Monroe. The new state-of-the-art equipment would be fully automated. Installation would require removal of existing equipment and demolition of older electrical and control systems. This required a 10-day plant shutdown, but the majority of the electrical install took place while the plant was in full production. Protective measures were put in place to retain a sanitary environment. An elaborate scaffolding system and barriers were placed in production areas to allow installation of new raceways and motor and control cabling. The project included 500 feet of stainless steel enclosed cable tray, 1000 feet of stainless steel basket tray, 5,000 feet of stainless steel conduit, 30,000 feet of VFD tray cable, 20,000 feet of pneumatic tubing for control valves and safety cylinders and 10.6 miles of of total wire and cable.

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