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General Contractor

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Kalahari Resort Meeting Room Conversion


Friede & Associates, LLC


Lake Delton, WI


Kalahari Resorts


Architectural Design Consultants, Inc. (ADCI)

About the Project

This multi-unit renovation project at The Kalahari Resort in Lake Delton converted three meeting rooms, totalling 4,625 square feet, into 12 new guest rooms, all while minimizing noise, dust, and interruption of normal hotel operations. The wood-framed construction consisted of new walls, ceilings and doors and installing new plumbing, heating and electrical systems for the new guest rooms. The project was completed by Friede & Associates over a three-month period that began after Labor Day 2020 and was completed in time to rent the units during the Christmas holiday season. Working in a hotel setting was challenging during the height of COVID-19, as extra care was required. The project included the installation of new packaged terminal air conditioning (PTAC) units on the outside walls, which required both demolition and repair to the exterior insulation and finishing system (EIFS). The project included under-slab plumbing and electrical and modifications to the fire protection systems for all units.

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