Daniels Construction completed the Edgewood High School renovation and addition while the building was occupied. The renovation was to remove the existing 1967 Commons and replace with a new “Alumni Hall.” The Alumni Hall is a contemporary, attractive, energy efficient two-story open and airy space that is used by students, parents, alumni, and friends. The project commenced after the 2022 school year and remained under construction during the 2022-2023 school year. Due to construction occurring during the academic year, the school needed to shift the way students and visitors entered the building, how lunch was served and consumed as well as relocating students’ free periods. Daily and weekly coordination meetings were held to provide updates on the baseline schedule. There were several shifting conditions from both the school and construction side that required abundant communication. With limited space, many times crews needed to coordinate shifts and equipment to remain on schedule. The 1967 Commons building was demolished, but the existing floor was scheduled to remain. In the fall of 2022, there were significant rains that occurred over the weekends. This was beneficial to the pace of construction during the week; however, it required additional resources and attention for cleanup efforts.