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General Contractor

Projects of Distinction


Covered Bridge


Stevens Construction Corp.


Windsor, WI


T. Wall Enterprises


JLA Architects

About the Project

The Covered Bridge project was designed as an homage to the state’s farming roots with a barn-like look, granary bin entrance, a white fence framing the building, and a reconstructed silo. The reconstructed silo hails to those driving by to pay attention, and the corrugated steel granary bin entrance brings bold attention to the entry. While a brilliant and bold statement piece, it was a challenge to create a granary bin form that would make it watertight when incorporated into the structure. In addition to the grain bin entrance, the design called for custom-color red Hardie siding, first-floor stone masonry, farmhouse décor, and 20-foot roof trusses pitched to look like a barn. The intentional design made the building, which is surrounded by fields, feel like an authentic tribute to the area. While barns inspire nostalgia and conjure strong emotions from the past, the amenities are anything but from the past. There is a first-floor clubhouse with a seating area and kitchenette, as well as direct access to an outdoor patio with a grill. The second floor has a conference/work room, and the parking garage holds a dog-washing station and EV charging stations.

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