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General Contractor

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Chula Vista Zipline & Ultimate Rush Accelerator Ride


Friede & Associates


Wisconsin Dells, WI


Chula Vista Resort & C&C Thrill Rides


General Engineering Company

About the Project

During a summer season that saw the Wisconsin Dells area virtually shut down due to the global pandemic and statewide emergencies, Chula Vista Resort bucked the trend and constructed two new attractions with the help of Friede & Associates. The new Dells Zipline Adventures consists of seven thrilling ziplines that soar above and through a picturesque canyon and classic Wisconsin Dells sandstone formations, and a new Vertical Accelerator ride, which is the world’s tallest of its kind and achieves 3G Acceleration, propels passengers 200 feet straight up in two seconds before free-falling back to earth. The zipline project included a 10-story steel tower for the racing zipline that runs nearly 2,000 feet. The Virtual Accelerator required approximately 7,500 square feet of concrete (250 cubic yards) and 4,500 pounds of steel rebar at the base sections of the twin towers.

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