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Angus Young Architects Janesville Headquarters Renovation


Gilbank Construction


Janesville, WI


Angus Young


Angus Young

About the Project

After 24 years of operation, it was time for another renovation of the historic Angus Young Architects’ Janesville offices. Angus Young envisioned a multifunctional space that would accommodate employee gatherings and separate the food/lunch prep area from the restrooms and visually appealing showroom. Pre-existing historical features were preserved during demo to highlight the historical nature of the property. An interesting feature was that the entire south wall of drywall was removed to expose the historic brick in the space. Another challange was taking bathrooms offline and to supply alternative restrooms. One late addition to the project was the renovation of the structural studio. Scheduling, sub-contractor screenings and daily housekeeping activities were challenged by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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