Dave Jones, Inc. welcomes Leadership Coach Ken Collins

From Dave Jones, Inc.

Dave Jones, Inc. is pleased to welcome Ken Collins as the Training and Development Director. Ken is a prominent figure in the construction industry, having trained and coached many professionals and companies about foundational leadership. He brings 41 years of diverse construction contracting experience with a history of successful development of leaders at all levels, Strategic guidance, Operational excellence, and scaling businesses to increase market share.

About Dave Jones Inc: Dave Jones, Inc. (DJI) is a second-generation owned full-service mechanical subcontractor, providing plumbing, heating, cooling, fire protection, and electrical installations in both residential and commercial settings. The company began in 1977, out of Dave’s garage in Mount Horeb, WI and moved to Madison in 1992, where it remains today. In 2015, Dave retired and sold the company to two of his children, Greg Jones and Holly (Jones) Kellesvig, who continue to grow the company with strong core values and commitment to quality. DJI employs over 500 people throughout Southern Wisconsin and has won awards for ethics, excellence, and customer service.

For more information, please contact:

Laura Steinhoff – Marketing Manager, Dave Jones, Inc.
Direct Phone: (608) 709-1463
2225 Kilgust Road, Madison, WI  53713

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