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Pointe Precision: Phase 3 – Building Addition


Ellis Construction


Plover, WI


Pointe Precision


Ellis Construction

About the Project

Pointe Precision is a growing component manufacturer serving the aerospace, ballistics and fuel technologies industries. Point Precision called upon Ellis Construction for a third time for a 23,400-square-foot addition to their current production floor to increase capacity through additional automation. This new area will be for added production and serve as a showpiece for clientele tours. The design needed to maximize the footprint as well as balance green space and storm water retention areas while allowing for delivery and installation of added manufacturing equipment. Heavily-tinted glass was required to reduce glare and direct sunlight to prevent heat build-up on the sensitive equipment in the production area. The construction needed to flow in a way that did not hinder current production in the adjacent area and be weather tight as soon as possible. Heavy equipment was brought in for the delivery of the HVAC specialty system due to the sheer size of the air handling units and tight placement. Specialty exterior decorative metal panels were imported from France to match the existing panels.

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